My Beloved,

My Beloved,

I’m thinking of you much during these tumultuous days of stress and pain.  It has been so long since that first day I saw you.  I was recently divorced,and questioning the beauty of love and whether my 10 years of failed commitment ever really had True Love in it at all.  I was strolling from the gymnasium down the hall that led to a small chapel and our eyes met, and for the first time in all this Universe time ceased to exist and I lived 1000 lifetimes in the blink of an eye.  The rapture of this emotion removed all doubt that Love did exist and that the ONE that just moved past was a part of my eternal soul, Love’s Promise of redemption, the Yin absent from the Yang of my existence.

In that moment, I saw my children’s children with this woman, and the end of the age give birth to a new world that centered on the Love that bore these two souls as One.  A moment that I have thought and reflected on for much of my life ever since it’s birth, and I still haven’t fathomed the depth of all that transpired.  A moment changed destiny, time, space, reality, theology, and defined the Life of this simple soul for eternity, all that in one moment, one view, one face, one Heart.

It has taken all these years to even begin to fashion this mere fragment of a man into someone that could bear the weight of all that moment foretold.  I had no hope of becoming the man worthy of such angelic splendor, and yet, there is no other that will ever see you as I do, which bestows upon me the rare balance of being the only who could ever strive to become such a man.  I am truly blessed to have been called to this honor.  The greatest gift I received was learning through this brief happenstance was the lesson that has continued with me ever since, to love without conditions, to love in rejection and to love in absence!

I’ve learned the beauty and depth of the Love in this Universe, the unquenchable fire that such love was presented and given by God in the creation of all things, and I learned this in the blink of an eye, the flash of light and the power of a life transformed.

I’ve looked over the years to find an equal, there have been a couple that came close, but you are the only one that defined my existence without a word…You are the One.

Loving you, both now and forever,




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4 thoughts on “My Beloved,

  1. This is beautiful. You’ve put words to the intangible without marring the emotion or sounding overdone. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with everyone, it’s all a wonderful inspiration for those of us just starting our journey!

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