octopus rideSome things that I use to love when I was a kid I stopped doing as an adult.  I loved “Hide & Go Seek”; I don’t play that anymore.  I loved playing with my matchbox cars; I don’t do that anymore.  I loved it when the carnival came to town, and until last night, I hadn’t been on a carnival ride since I was a child, and I loved it like I child loves such things!  It was a blast!

I went out with friends for the evening after work.  Started out like a normal Friday night, just a group of getting together for a drink down at the American Legion to unwind, laugh, complain…whatever we need to do to allow the weeks frustrations to be left behind and begin a much needed weekend respite from the daily struggles of our own existence.

As the night progressed we decided to visit the local fair that the Catholic Church sponsors here once per year, a silent auction, food booths….the BEER TENT!  We spent the evening at the fair singing karaoke and doing our best to empty the kegs (we tried hard but had to admit defeat!)  About 11pm we went and purchased tickets to play carny games and rides.  My friend Kari and I decided to ride the Octopus.  This was my favorite ride as a child, and we got the whole ride to ourselves…the generous engineer of this nauseous contraption gave us an extended ride with a continuous spin brought on by our gang of heralds lauding our fate to the crew with taunts of “Spin ‘Em!!”  Our laughter exploded like the bursts of color from the ride itself and we yelled out…”Mommy look at me!”, just like the children we discovered still thrives secretly within us and found their moment once again to play with delight in this realm of the nighttime Circus!


This is a night to remember, and experience with savoring and a memory I just had to write about.  This is the type of evening that I love to cherish, and I will keep for the rest of my life.  I became young again…it seems the fountain of youth is not something we look for outside, but something we discover within, when we allow ourselves to live a little like the child we once were; when we allow our jaded facade to dissolve and let ourselves love the moment, feel the laughter that bursts out from the deepest parts of us, and experience life again as though it were the first time!

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