Timing, Decisions, and Change

destiny2I don’t know at what I age I learned to trust in things I couldn’t control to happen as I needed them to happen, but at some point along the road I call life I began to expect things to happen as I needed them too and make decisions as if my expectations were a given rather than a risk.  It hasn’t always been a graceful road, but I did learn that when I do such things (baring unforeseen interference to deliberately manipulate the outcome) that I would find that what I need is provided for along the Way.  There is a lot that goes into it, humility, acceptance, balance, and most of all, knowing that the greatest things I’m ever going to find almost always begin within me.

I recently moved from where I grew up to a place I had never visited, and start over so to speak.  I’m doing some writing and I put in some applications at a few different places to help earn some income.  My idea was to not complicate things by applying for jobs that would demand to much of me, so that I could focus on writing my book.  About a month I was on a 10 mile run and I was thinking to myself, “I have to confess, I’m not use to looking for work.  I expect opportunities to just happen, and then turn those opportunities into options”…that is how I have almost approached everything in my life.  I turned in an application to a grocery store, the day after I got here, and that is the job I wanted and they were not hiring.  The day after that walk, I received a phone call and the Front End Manager of the grocery store wanted me to come in for an interview that day; he hired me that afternoon, and was almost apologetic because all he could offer me was a courtesy position bagging groceries.  I accepted it, even though, at my age, it must seem a bit odd, as most of the others are teenagers.  Like I said, I needed money, and I know how to work hard, and I know how to bag groceries.  So, I set pride aside, I got exactly what I wanted and expected.


Over the last month, I’ve done what I always do, applied myself to job, busted my ass, went above and beyond my duties, and impressed not only my boss, but the three levels of management above him.  They called me in the other day to sit down with all of them and said we want you to consider a career here with us as you write your book, and we think we are wasting your talents and work ethic in your current position.  It just so happens that their freight crew are all fairly new to the store, they didn’t have a manager to oversee the crew, and they know I want health insurance, and this elevate to a station with the store that they can offer it, along with a generous raise, vacation, sick leave, and a retirement plan.  They offered me this supervisor position, along with a set schedule of 5 days per week from 7 to 3, which includes a paid lunch break, and to top it off….”I really love working at this store.”  I never show up for work thinking…”Fuck I don’t want to go to work today.”  I like the people that work there, I like my managers, and my talents and skills are recognized and praised as being an asset to this family owned store.  They gave me this last weekend to think over their offer, and I’m accepting the position.

If I hadn’t moved out here the month I did, this wouldn’t have been my experience.  If I hadn’t already learned that a dollar earned at the bottom of the ladder, and the dollar earned at the top demand the same dillegence, I wouldn’t be having this experience.  If I hadn’t already known that it’s okay to be less in the eyes of others as long as I am happy with who I am, I wouldn’t be having this experience.  All of these things tie together into the experience that has opened up before me now.   I am thankful that life has prepared me for this to happen.

I still want to be an author.  And yes, this may slow my process down some, Pile-of-booksas I know come 3pm I will head to gym for a couple of hours 4 days out of 7, and one day per week (Fridays) I will be down at the Legion having drinks with my friends and talking story with the gang.  So my writing schedule will slim down to just a couple hours, a couple days per week, but I like this decision, and I don’t think I will regret it.  And if by chance I fail to produce that GREAT NOVEL of my intentions, then I have at least found a place I enjoy work, and they seem eager to offer me the option of retiring with them, and all of this just kind of happened, just like I was expecting it too when I bought tickets to move.  :-)



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